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White Clay – Why Is It Healthy for The Skin and Hair?

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Clay has been used for numerous decades to enhance the health of both the hair and skin. Its continued use even in the modern days is enough proof of its degree of effectiveness. Even so, there are multiple kinds of clay, making it strenuous to establish the most ideal one for your skin type. Luckily, white clay is a fitting kind of clay for a wide range of skin types if not all. In addition to this, its efficiency is not affected by your age.

These aspects are the reasons why this clay is a highly sought-after product in the field of skincare. However, if you are unfamiliar with the products commonly used to improve the well-being of the skin and also the hair, in this case, white clay may be a foreign topic for you. Therefore, it is wise to do a brief introduction first. This will ensure that we are all on the same page before proceeding to the deeper properties of this clay.

What is White Clay?

Also, commonly referred to as kaolin clay, it is an extremely fine powder that bears consistently porous features. It mainly has a light white hue even though the tone is partly reliant on the area from which it was mined. Consequently, in some cases, the clay may have a mild shade of yellow, pink, or red.

What Makes This Type of Clay Popular in the Beauty Industry?

One of the constituents of this clay is silica, whose percentage is relatively high. Silica is an ingredient that is used in several beauty products. It is a component that is best known for enhancing the generation of collagen, which improves the skin’s suppleness and solidity. On top of this, it nourishes the hair by producing vital supplements to the follicles. This makes the hair strong by reducing thinning.

Advantages of White Clay on the Skin

Below are some of the benefits enjoyed from using this type of clay on the skin, especially in the form of a mask:

  1. The mask can take in any excess oil that is in the skin. This puts a stop to gentle kinds of acne, like blackheads.
  2. Consistently using a mask made of this clay helps to clear clogged pores and manage oily skin.
  3. Symptoms of several skin conditions such as eczema can be eased and controlled by this clay.
  4. This clay gets rid of irritation that leads to diaper rash.
  5. It acts as an antioxidant and eliminates hazardous substances caused by environmental contamination.

Advantages of White Clay on the Hair

It is believed that when a mask made of this kind of clay is used on the hair, it will help with the following:

  1. Getting rid of stubborn dandruff.
  2. Keeping the hair moisturized and free from breakage.
  3. Preventing the scalp from getting harmed by heat.

The mask should be used either once or twice a week. Using it too frequently or leaving it for a long time on the face or hair may cause excess dryness. Always follow the correct directions of use. What are these directions?

After scooping a reasonable amount of the clay, you should spread it gently and uniformly over your face or hair. Leave it for a period not exceeding a quarter an hour before washing it off with warm water or a moist piece of cloth.

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