Beauty icons

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Say what you may, but there are now people around the world that have become famous for their looks. These women are what I will call beauty icons. This has made them very rich and famous around the globe. Every time they advertise a product they are using people swam to purchase it. Some of them are actresses however some have achieved such status as models. With the rise of social media their popularity has exploded.

Beauty icons in the past

If we are being honest with ourselves Marilyn Monroe was the first true American beauty icon. She was the first true beauty icon in Hollywood. Whenever people who watched the television thought of a beauty icon at the time they imagined Marilyn Monroe. She was the queen of the television era.

What makes someone a beauty icon

This is a very tricky question. Over the years there has been many people who have aspired to be beauty icons in their own rights. However you need more than just looks to achieve this remarkable fit. You need to have the perfect mix of social life, beauty and media presence. Nowadays social media will also do the trick.


Modern Beauty icons

Nowadays there are many people who might claim being beauty icons. However the Kardashian-Jenner women standout as one of the most famous beauty icons in our life time. This is due to their constant media presence and social media followers. Most of the Kardashian-Jenner women have more than hundred million followers. They have become the emblem of beauty around the world. On top of that their beauty has allowed them to rack in serious dollars in advertising and sponsorships from large cosmetic brands.

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