Cat Eye Shadow

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Cat eye shadow is one of the most ‘eye catchy’ make up styles out there. It’s the perfect type of make up to bring about the beautiful side of your eyes. Actually what most beauty enthusiasts don’t know is that eye shadows are as old as human civilization itself. Eye shadows where very popular in ancient Egypt. However during those times it is believed that both men and women used eye shadow.

It can take some getting used to when applying the perfect makeup to create the catchy eye shadow. Let us focus on on the tips and tricks to create the perfect eyeshadow.

Cat eye shadow tips

The truth is that life isn’t fare and that’s also true about makeup. No mater how hard you try and apply make up fairly you will always have those rough edges. The cat eye is the most popular makeup, and it is also one of the hardest to truly master. So you can expect to make a few mistakes whilst learning to apply it.

Create the perfect cat shadow eye by starting with the wings.

The wings are one of the most important hack to master when creating the perfect cat eye shadow. You need to focus on using the perfect liquid eyeliner for this incredibly difficult fit. Use the liquid eyeliner to draw the wings first. This should be done along your upper lash line.

Rely on tape when creating the perfect cat eye.  

It’s quite true that human hands are a bit shaky. That’s why you can’t rely on freehand to create a perfect cat eye. It’s allowed to turn to your adhesive tape for help. You just need to cut off a small piece of tape and use it on the outer liner to create the perfect wing. Use your eyeliner whilst the tape is still on.

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